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Would you take your valuable vehicle to a backyard mechanic and expect quality work?
Take your computer to a qualified service technician if you want it done right.

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Hello My Name is Bill Mushing and I am a CompTia A+ Certified Professional. I am experienced in all facets of computer repair.
(Sorry I do not work on MAC computers)
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    Important NoteWe are not responsible for Lost Data. If your data is important to you and it is possible, create a back up of your data before dropping off your computer or ask about my data backup rates.

    Tuneups, Repairs, Upgrades

    I work with clients in the Hamilton area.  I do tuneups and repairs to keep your computer running efficently and securely.

    I also assist with computer upgrades and data backup.

    Computer Lessons

    I teach lessons on computer basics to advanced lessons on how to work with your computer and keep it safe including updates, backups and more.

    $60 for a 2 hour lesson. My office or your location in Hamilton.

    Consultations & Recommendations

    I consult with clients on upgrading their systems to Windows 11.

    I offer my professional advice and options when you need to decide if it is worth it to fix or upgrade your system.

    I always provide you with a reasonable quote or recommendation BEFORE doing work on your system. 

    I promise to work my best “majik” to get your computer working as efficiently as possible for you!  😉 

    If I can’t fix it, you pay nothing!


    “After speaking to you regarding the scam that I had gotten myself into regarding my computer, I am pleased to let you know that my credit card has refunded my money and cancelled any monthly costs from that perceived company.
    Little did I know that I was being scammed when I was contacted through a pop-up that said my computer had many problems and that their company was connected to Micrsoft and they could fix it. The scammers took my money and my information and then locked up my computer.
    Thank goodness I took my computer to you to get it cleaned up and fit for use again. Your advice and help was, and is a real saver. Thanks again for your great assistance.”

    Randy and Carolyn (Hamilton)

    “ I came in with my daughter’s laptop. It wouldn’t work and she felt it was no better than a paper weight. I told her about Bill’s expertise in computer… felt if he couldn’t fix it nobody could … My daughter was sure she needed a new laptop but was hoping that if there was a way She hoped Bill could backup her pictures . Not only did Bill find what she was looking for but rebooted it (along with his magical fingers & know how) got it working again…. better than it worked before .
    I always take my PC and laptop to Bill Mushing … he is the only one I trust. He is honest, fair and thorough…he tells you like it is..plus I feel his prices are always more than fair.

    I highly recommend Bill for all your computer needs.” 

    Linda Wolfe (Hamilton)

    East Mountain, Hamilton

    Address provided when you book appointment. 

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